Awards and Recognitions

Among 1300 submitted project proposals from the Central and South-East Europe project Silence is Golden, implemented by  CESI-Center for Education, Counseling and Research in partnership with O.M. G. - Open Media Group, is one of top ten recipients of 2008 ERSTE Foundation Social Integration Award. The ERSTE Foundation Social Integration Award is part of the ERSTE Foundation programme dedicated to social, human and cultural diversity, integral human development, social and economic justice and individual and collective self-determination. ERSTE Social Integration Award is awarded to innovative projects encouraging stable, safe and fair societies with equal opportunities for all. Award ceremony took place in Bucharest on 25th of June, 2009 and along with representatives of 23 nominated organizations it also gathered media, political and  public figures.

At the EMC festival 2002: Media and Health, held under the auspices of Ministry of Health and organized by School for Public Health Andrija Štampar, CESI's web site, SeZaM, which was created to respond to adolescent questions of sexuality, won the award for "Best Website" among those nominated. The competition was tough and the SeZaM website was acknowledged by the members of the jury as a visually attractive source of positive, clear and correct information on sexuality and relationships between the sexes for adolescents.