Books and Manuals

  • Fairytales are for Everyone

    Publication Fairy tales are for everyone is a collection of ten various and non-stereotypical fairytales written by young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia. The project Fairy tales are for everyone is supported by the Erasmus + program of (...)

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  • Brochure: Relationship Abuse Is Of No Use

    This brochure (in Croatian) is part of the project Relationship Abuse Is Of No Use - Prevention Of Violence In Partner Relationships Among Young People.

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    A manual with useful advices for public advocacy in support of sexual rights of young people "SEX NA EX" is intended for those who would like to initiate social changes that will lead to the advancement of sexual and reproductive health and youth rights.

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  • Gender Equality in Local Communities

    Gender Equality Act states that local and regional administration units are responsible, in all phases of planning, decision-making, and implementing decisions, to assess and evaluate the effects of the decision or action on the condition of women, with respect to men, for the purpose of (...)

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  • Both Sides of Democracy

    The brochure "Both Sides of Democracy" was published within the project "Both sides of democracy". The aim of the brochure is to provide basic information about human rights, democracy, active citizenship, elections, and gender equality. The brochure is primarily intended for young people.

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  • Guide for Advancing Equal Opportunity Policies in the Workplace

    This Guide contains the basic concept of gender equality, or equal opportunities for men and women, taken from European Union legislation and should facilitate the practical implementation of legal provisions regulating the field of equal opportunities for men and women in the work place.

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  • Rules for Achieving Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

    "Rules for Achieving Equal Opportunity in the Workplace" sets forth instructions for employers, syndicates, and employment agencies concerning the necessary measures that must be undertaken in order to actualize equal opportunity between men and women in the workplace.

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  • Young and Active

    The brochure "Young and Active" is intended for young women and covers the following themes: feminism, women's rights and women's political participation. As part of the chapters that deal with the political participation of young women in Croatia, we represent young women as establishing (...)

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  • Toolkit For Employment

    "Toolkit for Employment" is a new handbook published by CESI with the intention of facilitating the employment process for unemployed women. The handbook includes practical advice for job searching, as well as an outline of existing legal provisions linked to discrimination in employment (...)

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  • Sexual and reproductive rights of youth

    Brochure Sexual and reproductive rights of youth is aimed at adolescents. It informs young people about their sexual rights in order to help them lead full and resposible sexual lives. Right to information, sex education and sexual pleasure are some of the rights that this brochure tackles.

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  • The Implementation of the Equal Opportunity Policy

    "The Implementation of the Equal Opportunity Policy" is a part of the project which aims to create conditions for realisation of gender equality through implementation of laws and instruments for effective gender policies.

    The brochure is concerned with the overview of current level of protection of women's human rights at international and national level, it provides recommendations for changes with special focus on imporved participation of women in decision making bodies.

    It will be sent to representatives of the institutions who are in charge for the implementation of gender equality policies and regulations.

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  • Transgressing Gender: Two is not Enough for Gender (E)quality: the Conference Collection

    This collection represents the majority of papers and workshops presented at the conference Transgressing Gender: Two is not Enough for Gender (E)quality which was held in Zagreb in October, 2005. The conference was organized by the Women?s Room and CESI from Zagreb, and partnering organizations (...)

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  • Gender Perspective in Politics and Practice

    The manual contains issues important for work on gender equality and explanations of basic concepts. It covers the following themes: position of women in the society - social visibility of women; gender mainstreaming - basic concepts; legal and institutional frame of gender equality in the Republic of Croatia; analysis of the current situation and needs assesment; gender budgeting; co-operation between NGO's and gender equality committees and foreign experiences of gender mainstreaming. It is aimed at institutions, NGO's, state bodies and all others working on gender equality.

    Manual was edited by Gordana Obradović-Dragišić and the authors are: Sanja Cesar, Anamarija Gospočić, Gordana Ćorić, Katarina Ivanković Knežević, Gordana Obradović-Dragišić and Inga Tomić-Koludrović.

    Manual is avilable in CESI office for the price of 80 kunas.

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  • Women's Leadership

    The goal of CESI's manual "Women's Leadership" (ed. Maja Dubljević, Sanja Galeković, Gordana Obradović-Dragišić) is to present the audience a wider picture of social processes that influence women's position in the society and possible ways of improvement of women's position.

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  • Better Safe Than Sorry - Prevention of Violence in Adolescent Relationships

    Manual "Better Safe Than Sorry - Prevention of Violence in Adolescent Relationships", authors: Sanja Cesar, Nataša Bijelić, Amir Hodžić and Vedrana Kobaš. It is aimed at educators who want to work with adolescents on the theme of gender based violence using interactive approach. Violence in adolescent relationships is serious problem but "invisible" in our society and non-existent in the formal educational system. For that reason we decided to publish this manual so that it can be used as a prevention tool. The manual contains theoretical introduction on gender-based violence and programme of prevention and education on violence in adolescent relationships for high-school students. Eleven school-hours long programme has five modules: Love and Relationships; Sex and Gender; Power and Violence in Relationships; Skills Needed for Quality Relationships; Human Rights - a Right to Live without Violence. Besides that, manual offers concrete propositions how to work with young men and women and parents on this issue and also what to do after implementation of the programme. The manual can be obtained at CESI's office and downloaded from SeZaM.

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