Social justice and equal opportunities

We are committed to socially just society where all people have equal rights and equal opportunities to realize their potential and participate equally in all aspects of social, political, cultural and economic life.

Design and implementation of projects aimed at improving the situation of women in the labor market, including minority women, and influencing on the reduction of unemployment rates among women is one of the key areas of our work. Within projects for unemployed women we organize workshops, support groups and individual counseling so as to improve job search skills, and boost self-confidence and mutual support. We also organize trainings for employers on the concept and management of diversity in the workplace (diversity management), on equal opportunities and protection from harassment in the workplace.

We have designed and conducted research on equal opportunities in the labor market and we have developed two manuals for employers, the first publications of its kind in Croatia- the "Guide for Advancing Equal Ppportunities Policies in the Workplace" and "Rules for Achieving Equal Opportunity in the Workplace."

We prepared and published a manual-folder "Toolkit for Employment", which facilitates the process of job search for of unemployed women.