• European Opportunities for Rural Women

    The films about women's entrepreneurial initiatives produced by K-Zona, were created in the framework of the "European Opportunities for Rural Women". The project was conducted by CESI, K-zon, Radio Kaj and HERA Women's Association in Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje and Koprivničko-križevačka county.

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  • Good Practices - Young People's Works

    The DVD "Good Practices" presents works of high school students on gender based violence. It includes award-winning student works and short films, theater, comic books and journalistic works designed in the framework of the National Campaign for the prevention of gender-based violence (...)

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    LOOK AT ME! Is a documentary film, directed by Vanja Juranić, produced by CESI and 4 Film. Representatives of non-profit organisations share their stories on their engagement in civil sector, motives for work, problems that they are trying to solve as well as how they contribute to values of democracy, tolerance, peace, non-violence and gender equality. The movie was  developed within the project "Active, Visible and Empowered" that aimed at increasing visibility of civil society in Croatia.

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  • Almost Equal

    In cooperation with the FACTUM documentary film project, CESI produced a 30-minute educational film entitled "Almost Equal". Gender equality, as well as sex education, is a frequently neglected and even non-existent issue in the formal educational system in Croatia. "Almost Equal" was produced to raise awareness among young people about the importance of this issue.

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