CESI is a non- profit organisation that raises majority of its funds from different sponsors and donors by means of public tenders.

As a civil society organisation we are primarily focused on non-profit and public benefit work.

Both domestic and foreign donors, institutions and funds participate in financing and sponsorship of CESI. To a smaller degree, funds are also received trough donations of small and medium business enterprises and companies from Croatia.

Financial reports of CESI are available to public and can be found in our Annual Reports and independent financial audit is done on a regular basis.

All citizens who wish to financially support the work of CESI - Centre for education, counselling and research, can make their donations to our foreign currency or giro account.

Bank account for foreign donors:
Erste & Steiermaerkische bank d.d.
Jadranski trg 3A , 51 000 RIJEKA

Account no.: 70300000-1283588
Sorting code (SWIFT) ESBCHR22

IBAN: HR8824020061100071855

ŽIRO RAČUNI (Giro account in Croatian kuna)
Erste & Steiermaerkische bank d.d. 
Account no.: 2402006-1 100071855

CESI - Center for Education, Counselling and Research
Nova cesta 4, 10 000 Zagreb

Registration number: 1283588

OIB: 81873549225


We thank our donors and supporters:

  • Academy for Educational Development,
  • Balkan Children & Youth Foundation,
  • Balkan Trust Fund for Democracy,
  • CARE International,     
  • Center for Reproductive Rights New York,
  • City of Velika Gorica,
  • City of Zagreb,
  • DELPHI International - STAR Project,
  • European Commission,
  • Embassy of Finland,
  • Embassy of France,
  • Embassy of Canada, 
  • Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands,
  • Embassy of Kingdom of Norway,
  • Embassy of United States of America,
  • Embassy of Great Britain,
  • Global Fund for Women,
  • International Rescue Committee-IRC,
  • King Boudouin Foundation,
  • Kvinna Till Kvinna,
  • Mama Cash,
  • Mercy Corps/USAID, 
  • Ministry of the Family, Veterans' Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity
  • Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
  • Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
  • National Foundation for Development of Civil Society
  • Norwegian People's Aid,
  • Office for Gender Equality,
  • Office for Cooperation with NGOs,
  • Open Society Institute,
  • OSCE,
  • Raiffeisen Bank,
  • The Olof Palme International Centre,
  • The State Institute for the Protection of Family, Maternity and Youth
  • USAID,
  • Westminster Foundation for Democracy,
  • World bank,
  • World Health Organisation,
  • Zagrebačka Bank,