Departments and Subjects

Our library has over 1000 titles with a wide range of subjects such as: feminism, women's history, women's human rights, civil society, sex and gender, women's health, reproductive health and adolescent sexuality, violence, literature, art, culture, politics, sociology, media, laws, psychology, management, sustainable development, etc… Most of these subjects are focused on women's issues and are written by those who deal with women's human rights, human rights in general, and development of democracy and civil society.

Beside mentioned, our library also has different handbooks, manuals, brochures and magazines that can be used only in the library, the same as video and digital materials.

Editions are in Croatian and English language.

A digital data base is available for searching through titles and authors.

Working hours

CESI library is open from Monday to Friday from 10am till 3pm.