Social activism and political processes

Packages sent to political parties as part of a campaign to increase the number of women in decision-making

Packages sent to political parties as part of a campaign to increase the number of women in decision-making

During our work, we analyzed a number of laws pertaining to gender equality and their compliance with EU legislation; we drafted recommendations for improvement of protection of women rights and political participation of women and youth. We conduct trainings on gender equality and we have, in cooperation with the Office for Gender Equality and the other women/feminist organizations, educated more than 300 members of county committees for the implementation of gender mainstreaming. We have issued publications on the topic of gender mainstreaming - "The Gender Perspectives In Policies And Practices" and "ROSA - Gender Equality In Local Communities."

We organized a campaign to increase visibility of civil society, and made the film "LOOK AT ME!" which was viewed by approximately 3000 people attending various public discussions and promotions. The film was screened in 40 schools, and also broadcasted on Croatian National TV and OTV, which was viewed by approximately 500 000 people.

We conducted a campaign "Eguitable Society Is A Healthy Society," which consisted of 4 clips that problematized the status of women in the labor market. The videos were broadcasted on Croatian National TV, RTL and various local televisions and was viewed by one million people.

Campaign to increase the number of women in decision-making positions "Gender Glasses" was addressed to the local organizations of political parties. Before the local elections of 2009. packets were sent to them, containing gender glasses, magnifying glass and a candle to "help" find a women candidates for election lists.

In 2009 we launched a web portal http://www.libela.org/. Libela is  an  information and –education providing portal that offers  information about gender, sex and democracy. Portal specifically monitors the social and political activities of women and men who promote active citizenship and gender equality, implementation of gender equality, elections at all levels, the work of civil society and the problems and obstacles that women and citizens in general face with in the democratic process. Up to now, it has been viewed by more than 176 000 times.

Seminar for local councilors and members of Commissions for Gender Equality on the theme

Seminar for local councilors and members of Commissions for Gender Equality on the theme "Achieving equality between women and men in the local community"

From 2003. we work intensely on empowering women trough strengthening their skills and knowledge for leadership roles in the society, thus achieving gender equality. Program for education of women leaders, "Women and Leadership", enabled five generations of attendants coming from political parties, businesses, associations and media in order to strengthen and provide further incentive for active participation in social and political life. The program "Women and Leadership" developed by CESI is included as a model of good practice in the study of active citizenship made by Directorate General Education and Culture of the EU, which has prompted us to establish the Center for Women's Leadership as a continuous activity of CESI.

The objectives are:

- Empowerment of women for leadership roles in decision-making positions,

 - Improvement of activism and supporting initiatives that initiate and facilitate changes,

 - Creating a supporting surrounding with a variety of resources

Topics that are included in the training modules include: introduction to the concept of women's human rights, advocacy, community service, leadership styles and power, a review of women's organizing in Croatia and abroad, the role of the media. Training includes learning different communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills, writing project proposals and papers, and organizational management. We provide the consultation and mentoring support, as well as access to the library with numerous titles in the relevant areas.

The target groups are institutions, NGOs, political parties, administrative staff, as well as potential candidates for decision making positions.